Personal Running Trainer

Personal Running Trainer is developed for those who are already engaged or just want to start running. The application offers training programs depending on the level of training and the desired result, with no stress and no competition. All you need is your determination, your body and the road. Ready, Steady, Go!


We had to update the application with an outdated design, fix software bugs and increase functionality. It was also decided to adjust the navigation so that the application becomes more logical and easy to understand.


The application and the website of the project was redesigned.
The functionality of the Android was extended and subsequent support after release was provided.
The navigation in the application has become more logical after a complete transformation of the training system. We made direct and clear access to any screen by introducing the side menu.

Your Personal Running Trainer

Personal Running Trainer is a fully personalised and flexible application. Would you like to temporarily turn off the countdown? One touch and it will be done. Want to see data in miles and not in kilometers? You are sorted. Want to change the language? No problem, just select your preferred language and text it in the application, and audio instructions will be translated in seconds.

Track your workout metrics

The application displays your route, measures time, distance, rhythm, calories and other statistics using GPS or an accelerometer. You can see your results at any time during your workout or after you complete your run. Use PRT to find out your progress, challenge yourself or your friend.

Customize your playlist

Do you agree that running to the music of your favorite artists is so much more fun? Create your own running playlist using your favorite tracks. Don’t worry, the “audio coach” will sometimes drown out a pleasant motive, but only to instruct or praise for a good run. For convenience, during the briefing, the volume of the music slightly decreases, but then it gets back on track. A playlist can be easily created and edited both before, during, and after your practice with just one finger – therefore, you can easily scroll through songs or completely change the playlist without interrupting your run.

Detailed training report

View the results of each run in sections: distance, rhythm, time spent for each kilometer. Click on the map to see your metrics on a specific section of your route. You can also see the statistics of your workouts by week and month: has the speed increased compared to the previous month? Find out your progress for a certain period of time, or for the entire time you use PRT: distance, time, average rhythm, calories burned. The program also includes the ability to synchronize data with the cloud service so that you can never lose the history of your workouts.

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