By using the Dowoodle app you will always know what to do, for example, in the evening. Let the app take you on adventures that fit your mood, budget, schedule, and location. Choose a meeting theme, bring your friends and get ready to create a collection of new memories!

The application is a set of quests on a specific topic. You should specify filter parameters and Dowoodle will select a list of activities suitable for You. Attention! Each subsequent quest opens only after passing the previous one.


Sometimes the circumstances are such that it is very difficult to choose a suitable option for leisure. Choosing an event can be tricky, as you always have to consider your budget, friends ‘ time frame, location, etc. We have received a proposal to create an application that offers a solution and finds answers to rhetorical questions about spending free time.


The application combines all possible activities and provides more reasons to relax, taking into account the personal interests and budget range of the user. Dowoodle is the solution of the problems for the indecisive minds that offers a wide range of leisure choices, based on the preferences of the user. All you have to do is just install the app and choose what you like to do the most.

The Consept

It is a collection of unique, personalized adventures. When users open the app, they can only see the initial topics for their future adventures. To get to the next one, they need to read the hints (tips “inserted” between the actions) and answer questions to advance in Dowoodle. This functionality provides the application with a constant interest and provides users with a stream of interesting offers.

The Dowoodle also has a time frame duration for its activities. For more convenience, the system calculates the time for driving, walk the time it takes to get from the user location to the first action in Dowoodle.

Event search

First, you can search by name, budget, categories and interests. Searches and their parameters can also be saved for future reference. Secondly, the user can specify the range of their interests (movies, food, music, science and about 40 more categories) or, conversely, mark those categories that he would not like to see in the search results. Anyway, the application remembers the preferences of its user and adjusts the set of relevant dowoodities (activities).

And third, there is a “Vibe ” setting where the user chooses their mood at the moment. Each one of the dowoodities can have this option, which pointed to its Creator. All three algorithms can also work in conjunction with each other.


Dowoodities are the activities that you can create and promote, where you can set the time, location, budget and other important information. The app does not dictate what you need to do, it opens its doors to a world full of fun activities.

Also, Doowodle has a unique business model: the application is absolutely free for the end users. They don’t have to pay for entertainment. Instead, they can make money!

Creating events

The user can create Dowoodities, place their ads and by this he can earn money. This advertising campaigns will look absolutely native, because it is integrated into the gameplay and does not cause unpleasant emotions of the end user. You can set up and monitor campaign performance in the advanced administration panel.

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